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Facetime For Android

FaceTime For Android: Facetime is the most commonly used video calling application by iPhone/ iPad device users. Many apps like Whatsapp, Hike Messenger serve video calling but they don’t have much prominence when compared to Facetime app. Due to its highlighted performance, Android users are very much attracted to it. If you are searching the solution for FaceTime for Android free download, then you are at the right place where you can gather needed information for installation of FaceTime for your device. Those who love FaceTime app can now grab it and install the app on their device with paying a single penny. In this article, I am going to provide the steps to download FaceTime for Android in detail for free.

Facetime For Android

What is FaceTime For Android:

FaceTime is the instantaneous video calling application available for Android devices too for free. It is the first Video Calling app that has got great importance in very short span of time. If you are a FaceTime lover then you will surely wonder when I say FaceTime for Android is possible. Like Google Hangouts, you need to sign in with an Apple ID to create a new FaceTime account. I think you are aware of the Apple offers that FaceTime is specially designed for iOS devices only. So expecting FaceTime for Android might be foolishness for people who are not aware of the possibilities we have for downloading the app.

Apple has created FaceTime video call app in 2010 with the launch of iPhone 4 model. Using FaceTime for Android, you can connect with your friends and family living at any place all over the world. Many other similar apps like FaceTime for Android have emerged these days so you can check out them whether they have included all the features of original FaceTime or not. All the audio or video call that you make will be provided with an end to end encryption, so you need not worry about safety issues.

Features Of FaceTime For Android:

Free Video and Audio Calling:

Depending on your need to call the other, you can switch between FaceTime Audio or Video Calls. If you need to communicate with anyone face to face then you can prefer FaceTime for Android Video Calling. If you want to stay covered then use FaceTime audio calling feature.

Mute Audio:

If you are willing to make any calls secretly or you want to stop disturbing the other person who is speaking to another phone, choose the Mute audio option. This option is most commonly preferred when you want to create voice disturbance to other people.

Switch Cameras:

FaceTime for Android is provided with dual camera switching option so that you can easily operate the camera whichever you would like to choose. If you are willing to make a FaceTime call to show something else than your face, then use the back camera and vice versa for the Front camera.

PIP Image:

PIP Image shows you video visual things like how the other person could see your image on their device. Your video or audio call recipient will see the PIP image of your’s in order to recognize that you are the person in the video conference.

Decline FaceTime Calls:

It is not that important to lift the FaceTime call if you are in busy with other works or if you are not interested to answer the call at that moment. Decline feature provided with FaceTime for Android will allow you to cut the call at that instant of time by leaving a message if you are busy.

Block any FaceTime call:

You can not only answer and decline the FaceTime calls on Android device, you can even block the calls without any hesitation if someone is spamming or irritating you. Block the calls of any person that you don’t like to keep in contact by using Block option provided with the app.

Use any other apps when you are in FaceTime call:

Generally, all the apps do not support you to use other applications while working on a particular application. But FaceTime for Android will allow you to use any other apps when you are in a FaceTime video or Audio call.

Connect with people all over the World:

FaceTime is the first and foremost application that has enabled the video calling feature for the first time. It allows you to contact people living all over the Globe if you have good internet connection. One who has FaceTime for Android can make a call to the people living anywhere on the earth.

Download FaceTime For Android:

I have already stated that FaceTime app is specially created for iOS(iPhone, iPad/ MacBook) devices. So you cannot assume that you can download FaceTime for Android devices in any ways. Instead of searching for FaceTime for Android, you can have fun with the apps like FaceTime. It is waste of time to search for FaceTime for Android device, as Apple is not yet prepared to provide this app for Android device users. Download FaceTime for iOS devices and enjoy the features of the app provided with it. Whenever you come across FaceTime Apk links, don’t assume that it is the true application provided by Apple.Inc because FaceTime for Android is just an assumption. Instead, you can check for the similar apps like FaceTime on Google Play Store.

Is It possible To Download FaceTime For Android?

As FaceTime is an iOS application, most of the people have a doubt that whether this application is available for Android device or not. Unfortunately, FaceTime for Android is not provided by Apple developers directly as they did not try to provide this video calling app for Android devices. But there is a good news that you can have the similar applications like FaceTime for Android device if you are very fascinated to use FaceTime app. You can check out the alternatives instead of trying to download FaceTime for Android. We have plenty of applications that could serve the same to that of FaceTime for Android.

Download FaceTime For Android

Best Alternatives To FaceTime For Android:

The below-stated applications are the best alternatives of FaceTime for Android device. One who has utmost love towards FaceTime app can download the apps that I have produced here to enjoy the same features enclosed above.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook is the most common live chat and video call messenger that has the best recognition in the list of Social Networking applications and is the best alternative of FaceTime for Android. Using FB Messenger, you can make unlimited Audio and video calls (International Calls), send stickers, emojis, photos, videos, audio and much more for free.


Skype is the earliest Video and Audio calling application that allows you to connect with people living all over the world. Skype stands one among the best alternatives of FaceTime for Android that has all the features given above. One can enjoy HD video calling with their loved ones for free of cost.


Viber has almost 500 million downloads around the Globe and you can check this application if you are searching for the alternatives of FaceTime for Android. It is an Ad free application that removes the language barrier by providing the app in multiple languages. You need not register with mail id if you have a preferred mobile number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is facetime an Official Android App?

No, Facetime is an official application for iPhone Users.It is not officially available for Android from the Google Play Store.Anyway, Someone had developed the version for android which works quite similar and Android users are happy for that.

Is This APK file is safe?

No doubt regarding this, as we had personally tried and tested on our personal android mobiles and it works quite well.Make sure that your phone had enough requirements.

Should I accept APK from unknown sources?

Yes, you need to accept APK file from unknown sources. If you had issues with APK, it’s better to delete the complete file from the root.Anyway, the APK which was provided above is tested and was so suggested.

Any Alternatives for Facetime?

There are many and you can check them on our menuBar. However, Facetime is best with its quality.

The above information could help you in knowing the information about FaceTime for PC. If you are not satisfied with the content produced here, shoot a comment with your requirements below.

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